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Privacy Policy is very strict regarding to the privacy policy of our customers and is highly faithful in protecting their privacy rights. We follow the International Privacy laws and privacy of our visitors is strongly respected. The information stored by us is to improve the shopping experience of our buyers and the information received from the customers is simple and basic. However it us up to them whether they want to provide their personal information or not. The information stored with us about our customers is as follows. The date that is given by our members/buyers which they give during the registration process when filling out the online form, as well as their personal information such as name, address, post code , user-id, password, phone numbers etc.

This information is used to communicate with our customers, help retrieve the customers their order details in case they misplace it and to ship items to them. Any information that is provided to us by the website visitor when they contact us may be stored for future correspondence. We do not sell, rent, disclose or share our customer details with anyone, even slightest of information including details of site/page visits, location, traffic, web logs and relevant material is shared with no one.

If any government institution that officially wants information in an investigation of illegal activity or due to some other government laws or the shipping company requires the information through which the items will be shipped, these are the only situations in which we coup up with the organizations in sharing the information. Other than that your personal information IS NOT shared with anyone. Details of our newly launched products may often be sent to you, which of course you could ask us to stop as well. Financial information of our customers IS NOT stored as well. We assure you the safety of your sensitive data and also your financial transactions. A 3rd party merchant provider’s platform is used to deal with all the financial transactions.

The merchant provider’s site at which your financial transactions are processed is highly secure. Once again we DO NOT store your credit/debit card details. not only gives you the best jackets that make you look classy and elegant at the same time, at extremely low prices but also assures you the safety of all your information thorough our transparent transaction privacy policy so that you may buy from our store without any uncertainties.